“With one foot in the Mississippi Delta, and the other striding across continents to grab ideas and musicians the world over...deep, intensely beautiful work.”  - Steve Pick, ABOUT.COM

I look forward to meeting fans of the music when I am out touring. Come up and introduce yourself after gigs and say hi!  

Booked so far the 2016 summer season...


March 19 - Oslo Blues Club, Buckley’s, Norway

May 28 - Duvel Blues Festival, Belgium

July 7-10 - Åmål Blues Fest, Sweden 

July 23 - Wilmas, Arvika Sweden

July 24 - Bluesudden Gysinge, Sweden

July 25 - Smedsgårdsblues Sandviken, Sweden

Aug 19 - Deje Kraftstation, Sweden

Aug 20 - Bull Bar, Karlstad, Sweden

BERT DEIVERT - gigs with other musicians

March 26 - Engelen with Brian Kramer Band

May 2 - Hard Rock Cafe - Stockholm  with Brian Kramer band 

June 10- 12 - with Eva Deivert  CD LAUNCH, Sweden 

Aug 24 - Tarragona, Spain with White Boy White and Jr. Blues Charley




Some things other musicians have to say...

“I always look forward to hearing Bert Deivert’s music because, like me, he loves the old style blues and he always does a great and faithful job of presenting it. Big thanks to Bert for keeping his music alive and doing it so well.”
Charlie Musselwhite, blues harmonica Grammy winner

“I spent a whole weekend at the Juke Joint Fest (Clarksdale, MS) and I didn’t hear hill country music as good as this. Awesome! A great mix of grooves. You gonna get ‘em up and dancing with this one! And I love the little tastes of Yank that you throw in, sometimes mixed with Far Eastern melody bites. Love it!" 
- Rich DelGrosso, blues mandolin maestro and writer

"Bert Deivert and I played blues on the streets of San Francisco throughout 1973 and 1974. One of our big numbers was Sleepy John Estes' Broke and Hungry. I can vouch for his experience! We both stuck to the grind, and here we are in a new century, still rockin' it. He's one of of my favorite people and musicians “
- Peter Case, Plimsouls, Grammy nominated producer and songwriter

“This is some really fine blues, and if there is such styling that allows blues to go forward and remain, … it will soon become a tomorrow’s classic, in other words get it while you can.”

- Blues Artist Memphis Gold

"Some of the most beautiful slide on a resonator mandolin I’ve ever heard.”  

  1. -Bill Abel, one man band in Mississippi