Christy O'Leary and Bert Deivert's CD SONG’S SWEET CARESS has gotten rave reviews in folk music magazines and newspapers around the world.

"'s like a good book, you can't put it down. Each track has been treated differently, there's plenty to listen out for, reeling tunes, soft melodies, driving rhythms and tasteful playing throughout. ... There's music for; the uninitiated; the old hands to traditional music; music for the thrill seekers who like the fast driving, weaving exciting tunes with the WOW factor; a beautiful slow air for the Uilleann pipe fans, lovely vocals for the singing fans; and intricate backing techniques to get most people wondering how it was done. It is traditional music with a twist and original sounds, a tribute to Bert and Christy's talents, a credit to their playing and commitment to music, without forgetting their past influences."

Sue Moore - IRISH MUSIC MAGAZINE, Dublin, Ireland

"...distinctly contemporary contributions always fit seamlessly into what is after all supposed to be traditional fare. Long may they continue playing and recording together.

Graham Gurrin - LIVING TRADTION, Scotland

"This is contemporary traditional music at its best, with O'Leary and Deivert showing why their musical partnership works so well together. The whistle sings with the music while the acoustic guitar gently accompanies it. Newly composed traditional music, which stands up well beside older, loved traditional music."


"So far, 2003 has been rather a wretched year for Irish traditional releases, but here's something to delight all connoisseurs of excellence, the debut album from the pairing of Irish singer, uilleann piper and whistler Christy O'Leary and the US-born guitarist and bouzouki player Bert Deivert. It's this coupling of different musical backgrounds and experiences which makes Song's Sweet Caress such a fascinating album. ...there's a new song, Song's Sweeter Caress, written by Bert and Christy, which is one of those rare modern songs which sounds as though it has been in the traditional inventory for decades. Bert and Christy will be playing at this year's Return to Camden Town festival. I, for one, can't wait!"

Geoff Wallis - author of "The Rough Guide to Irish Music", music journalist for fRoots (UK) and the Irish Music Review (

"Christy O'Leary of the most marvellously melodic voices around as well as having a great ear for a beautiful melody. ...a glorious reading of 'The Bonny Light Horseman' and some good tunes on pipes and whistles. Deivert finds lots of interesting and sometimes unexpected chords to put behind O'Leary's songs and tunes. There are lots of of clever little harmonic elements in his guitar and bouzouki playing which supports and enhances O'Leary's melodies. A CD that is full of interest and some very good playing."

Graham McDonald - The Canberra Times, Australia

"Song's Sweet Caress is a series of musical gems, and it's difficult for us to choose a favorite: it is probably the composition by Swedish fiddler Eva Deivert -'Bembring' which flows naturally into 'Up Downey', written by Tola Custy, or the great song 'Bonny Light Horseman' ...and the wild set of reels 'The Watchtower Set' is ready to remind us that we are listening to some of the best Irish music we could meet up with in this day and age..."

Alfredo De Pietra - Celtic Café and journalist for KELTIKA magazine, Italy

Occasionally I come across a gem of a recording and I'm happy to say that "Song's Sweet Caress" is just such a case. Christy O'Leary impressed me the first time I heard him in the Boys Of The Lough some years ago and his subsequent solo album was a blinder. Like that album, this is very much a case of the iron behind the velvet. ...Thanks to some neat doubling up of the Uilleann pipes and whistles you get a really full sound and it is this attention to detail in the overall production that sets the duo apart. Not only is it obvious they enjoy the music, they enjoy the whole recording process - they must do to create music this good - and they're not worried about crossing the boundaries me when I say you will come away from this album with a real glow. Top notch!

Pete Fyfe UK, music journalist (

"Christy O'Leary sings absolutely brilliantly, with inner grace, but at the same time with that slightly dry touch that one has learned suits Irish music so well. There are also a number of beautiful instrumental tunes like Eva Deivert's Bembring and O'Leary's Josef's March. Some people may say that it sounds like Irish music usually does, while the careful listener easily finds a group of musicians generously sharing the wonderful expressive possibilites of traditional music. And contained within this is a solid groove as well as songs that are so lovely to listen to that it almost hurts. Beautifully done."

Björn Stefanson - Värmlands Folkblad, Sweden

Christy O'Leary's earlier solo album, "The Northern Bridge", is available from OLD BRIDGE MUSIC in the UK.

The Northern Bridge - "one of the most listenable albums in Irish music history...perfectly balanced...containing seven songs sung in O'Leary's trademark rich, sweet voice...Nothing short of near to perfect as anyone could wish for."
-Steve Winick, Dirty Linen (USA)

"If ever there was an album worthy of entering everyone's folk collection then this is it"
-Pete Fyfe, Steppin' Out (UK)

"Oh, but this is gorgeous...Exquisite. And the thing gets better with every hearing"
-Folkwrite (UK)

"His piping is lyrical, naturally clear, and totally uncluttered by any electronic wizardry."
- Irish Music (Ireland)